Transparent rates

We want our customers to get the most out of their Canadian road trip which is why we have transparent and fair prices. As a traveler through the Rockies, you will be spending money on many things so why not save on your rental. We take care of our campervans so we can keep our prices affordable.

Smile Campervans provide much better value for small group of travelers compared to basic RV’s. We have a huge planning resources section and give our customers a great number of tips on how to get the most out of their Canadian road trip. 

Get the best deal on your Rockies road trip

Our prices don’t have any compulsory add-ons or hidden extra fees. This is what we call transparent prices. You can explore Rockies in winter or summer it is up to you. Compare which one best suits you.

We charge our customers on per night bases and have two price ranges depending on the season. Minimal rental period is 5 nights.



Transparent prices with EVERYTHING included



Kilometers limit

If you wonder how far you can get with 200 km limit a day. Let’s say you rent your campervan for 14 nights. That is almost 3000 km. This distance covers your trip from Calgary-Yellowstone-Vancouver-Calgary or Calgary-Vancouver-Prince George-Jasper-Calgary. That is very generous. For extra kilometers, we charge CAD 0.60/km.

Transparent pricing

Every province in Canada has a different rate of GST (sale tax/VAT). When you see posted prices on any Canadian website or store, usually the price doesn’t include GST. That means you have to add at least 5% in Alberta or 12% in British Columbia to the total price (only fuel prices have GST included). Our prices include all required taxes.

Insurance and roadside assistance

If you are involved in an accident, our insurance covers the damages made to the other parties, not to our campervan (basic insurance). If you want to be fully covered, you would need to provide your insurance or you can purchase additional insurance from us.

Roadside assistance covers you in case you need to change a flat tire, boost battery, etc. In case of an accident, they will tow you to the repair shop or boost your flat battery.

Save with the Smile

We want to make your campervan rental affordable. To help you save money we will provide you breakdown of how you will be saving with us compared to other companies.

Rent your campervan with Smile Campervans and you will save between CAD 200 to CAD 700 a week plus we will give you a lot of free tips.

Daily rates

We have one of the best rates for camper rental in Western Canada. Our competitors usually charge CAD 200 in low season to CAD 350 in high season. All those prices are without tax. That is daily saving from CAD 10 – 100.

GST included

Rental companies’ prices don’t include GST (sale tax). Ours do. GST rate in Calgary is 5%, in Vancouver tax is 12%. You can save with our prices another CAD 5 – 20 a day.

Gas prices

Prices of fuel are about 30% cheaper in Alberta compared to British Columbia. There is a pattern that the closer you are from Vancouver to Calgary the cheaper the prices. Once you reach Kamloops area, you will already save 20 or more cents per liter. Starting a road trip from Calgary can save you around CAD 80.


Best location

If you want to explore Western Canada and the Rockies, Calgary is a place to start from. Calgary might not be as glamorous and worldwide known as Vancouver, but the most famous pictures from the Rockies are actually from Alberta, or right on the border of the province. From Calgary to the Rockies is about 60 km compared to 600 km from Vancouver. From Calgary, you can also reach Yellowstone National Park in US much faster.

Highest allowable mileage

We give our customers a limit of 200 km a day. Compared to most rental companies it’s 50 km a day more. For extra kilometers they charge CAD 0.6/km. This is up to CAD 30 a day.

Round trip instead of one-way

We only have a branch in Calgary. Some travelers want to end their road trip in a different city and require to drop off their vehicle there. We think that the Canadian Rockies have so many nice roads. We want our customers to experience most of them. That’s why we want them to do a round trip instead of a one-way road trip. Also, round trip flight tickets are cheaper compared to multi-city. With our prices, it is worth to rent a campervan in Calgary, see beautiful mountains on the way to Vancouver, drive back and see even more beautiful places.

Rental equipment

Visiting the Canadian Rockies in summer is a dream for many people. During some busy days, you won’t be able to access most visited places (such as Moraine Lake) by car.

No cleaning fee

We included a cleaning fee in our prices for one reason. Neither you nor we like to see add-ons at the bottom of the bill.

Total savings breakdown

Daily rate

CAD 10-100/day


CAD 5-20/day


CAD 30 /day


CAD 80/trip

Cleaning fee

CAD 100/trip