Smile Campervans

We know from experience that the Rockies are best explored from behind the wheel and from the first row. No other form of transportation can give you such an experience than driving your campervan. That is why our Smile campervans are an ideal fit for 2 passengers.

But if you are bringing more people along you can. Campervans are equipped with 4 seatbelts (can carry 4 passengers) and with additional roof top tent it can house 4 people overnight.

A little different than waking up in hotels or tourist resorts.

There are two most important things in our campervans that we care about. First one is your comfort while driving and the second one is enough space to sleep. Our campervans are equipped with a small kitchen but without a toilet.

We want you to explore the Canadian Rockies more connected with nature.

So what do Smile Campervans actually contain?

Smile campervans have equipped kitchen in the trunk. The kitchen is only accessible when the tailgate is open.

Kitchen has a sink with two tanks and running water via electric pump faucet. Bellow the countertop you have car battery operated fridge so your food stays cool.

The kitchen also contains cups, plates, cutlery, and pots for two people. For cooking, there is a double stove burner with the fuel tank.

Curtains, camping table, and camping chairs are also part of the basic accessory of our campervans.

Every campervan has a foldable bed for two with bedding and enough storage either under the bed or below the floor. It is 1.22m (4’) wide and 1.9m (6’3”) long. There is enough room for a 1.95 m tall person.

During the day you can fold this bed to couch-like seating. This bed is not approved to carry people while driving.

With provided camping chairs you can fit 4 people and throw a camper party!

How you can save with Smile

See detailed explanation how much you can save with our quote compared to other companies.

Campervans vs RVs

Renting bigger camper doesn’t mean you are getting more comfort. Sometimes it is just more trouble.