Frequently asked questions

What is the minimal rental period for Smile Campervans?

Smile campervans can be rented for a minimum of 5 nights.

Can I return campervan sooner because of weather conditions?

Weather forecast in the Rockies is unpredictable. In the event of bad weather, we do not provide any refunds but we will definitely help you find an alternative route where you can enjoy your Rockies road trip.

Can I smoke in the campervan?

We know that even some smokers don’t like the cigarette smell in the car. So how about people who don’t smoke? As you might have guessed, we do not allow smoking in our campervans. In Canada, it is allowed to smoke almost everywhere outside. So please don’t smoke inside. If our campervan is returned smelly, you will have to pay extra cleaning fee CAD 200.

Can I drive campervan off-road/dirt?

Not all roads in the Canadian mountains are paved. Roads leading to highlights of the Rockies are usually paved. Many cool places are accessible only through gravel roads and we know that you will be driving on them. Just keep in mind that speed limit on these roads is not the target. We recommend driving on those roads slowly and carefully. It is completely forbidden to drive rough dirt roads or off the road (river bed, beach etc.).

Should I clean Smile campervan before I return it?

Please try to bring back your campervan in a respectable state. We will clean a regular amount of dirt, grass or rocks. But mud stains on the carpet, coffee or food stains on chairs or bed is unacceptable. We will charge a cleaning fee for extra dirty or muddy interiors.

What kind of insurance do you provide?

Our campervans are insured with third party, comprehensive and collision coverage that covers you up to 1 000 000 CAD. Deductible is 2 500 CAD for collision. If you want to decrease your deductible we suggest getting travel insurance  that cover recreational vehicle rental.

Do you provide any roadside assistance?

In case you need assistance with a flat tire or you run out of gas, Smile campervans have 24-hour roadside assistance in Canada and US. Also in case of break down our roadside assistance will tow the campervan.

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